DIY Speakers v2.0

Project Status: COMPLETE

Goal: To completely redo the speakers that I created for my home theater. I will create 4 speakers for a surround sound, and omit the center channel. For a small enough space such as a dorm, a center is not really necessary, in my opinion, and can always be added later.


The design process for this project took a lot of thought. I not only needed to take into account how I wanted these speakers to sound, but portability. I needed to be able to move into my dorm, transporting everything in one haul in a station wagon. So instantly, as much as I love them, floorstanding speakers were out of the question. I settled on a bookshelf speaker design for the front speakers. For stands, I needed something that provides structural support, that is also very portable. For this, a tripod came to mind. The legs provide good protection against tilting, but can fold inwards to provide a level of portability that any regular base with sufficient surface area simply cannot.

I decided to give the rear speakers a bit of modern flare. Instead of a traditional rectangular design, I decided to use the “eyeball” ceiling lights that have been collecting dust in the basement since we replaced them for different ones in our living room. A simple paint job and sealing the appropriate holes would provide an excellent enclosure for a 4″ driver. These would not have room for a tweeter, so a full-range driver would be used. For the front speakers I opted for a 3-way design, for good bass, mid, and a stylish and powerful external dome tweeter from HiVi to make the sound bright.

I believe that the pictures below are more than enough to tell the rest of the story!

Conclusion: I am absolutely thrilled with the result. All 4 speakers look and sound absolutely professional. The summer is too short to have these set up, so after initial testing in the living room, they were packed up almost right away. More updates to come from my new dorm at Columbia!



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