Home Automation (HAMMOND)


To have a central, yet modular and expandable home automation system. I will use an Arduino Mega tethered to a Raspberry Pi to sense and control home environment parameters like temperature, lights, blinds, and miscellaneous appliances. The Raspberry Pi will provide the more processor-intensive tasks such as weather fetching, speech synthesis, a web interface, and voice recognition. A secondary Raspberry Pi will be used as a media center/server, becoming the home of my iTunes and Movie/TV Show library, allowing me to upgrade my laptop to a lean, mean SSD. This secondary Pi will run RaspBMC, that provides great media library management as well as network file hosting built right in.


Video 1: HAMMOND Boot Sequence

Video 2: HAMMOND Cold Boot with System Lights

Video 3: Boot Sequence (final) – finally got the boot nice and fast, with a countdown. No further changes to the boot sequence from now on!

Video 4: Sound setup and paint job finalization

Video 5: Voice Control is working! (Via Mac interface- ditched the EasyVR module)

Video 6: HAMMOND with voice control boot (without motion sensor)

Video 7: HAMMOND with voice control (fixed clock issue)

Video 8: HAMMOND display refresh rate test (can now display seconds on clock clearly!)

Video 9: HAMMOND motor control working!

Video 10: HAMMOND with integrated motion sensor and calibration countdown on display

Video 11: HAMMOND Alarm Clock demo

Video 12: HAMMOND Eco Mode (energy saving) demo

Video 13: Completed HAMMOND full rundown

Video 14: Completed HAMMOND Voice Control demo

Video 15: Outlet 1/3 construction and voice control demo- with lamp!

Video 16 Enclosure design and lid servo

Video 17: Enclosure servo completed demo

Video 18: Case demo again

Video 19: Adding speakers to the enclosure

Video 20: HAMMOND RaspBMC Media Center

Video 21: Keyless door entry demo

Video 22: Final Morning routine demo

Video 23: Alarm Clock routine demo

Video 24: Keypad Menu System Demo

Video 25: Motion Sensor Greeting Demo


Picture gallery:



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