Home Automation (HAMMOND)


To have a central, yet modular and expandable home automation system. I will use an Arduino Mega tethered to a Raspberry Pi to sense and control home environment parameters like temperature, lights, blinds, and miscellaneous appliances. The Raspberry Pi will provide the more processor-intensive tasks such as weather fetching, speech synthesis, a web interface, and voice recognition. A secondary Raspberry Pi will be used as a media center/server, becoming the home of my iTunes and Movie/TV Show library, allowing me to upgrade my laptop to a lean, mean SSD. This secondary Pi will run RaspBMC, that provides great media library management as well as network file hosting built right in.

Some of this work began during my Junior year at Fordham, the rest was completed during the summer of 2013, and the full-blown HAMMOND system was used in my dorm at Columbia from Fall 2013 – Spring 2014.

Link to Code Files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_ynpEWiuXU-cEhacWJjRzFpcG8?usp=sharing


Video 1: HAMMOND Boot Sequence

Video 2: HAMMOND Cold Boot with System Lights

Video 3: Boot Sequence (final) – finally got the boot nice and fast, with a countdown. No further changes to the boot sequence from now on!

Video 4: Sound setup and paint job finalization

Video 5: Voice Control is working! (Via Mac interface- ditched the EasyVR module)

Video 6: HAMMOND with voice control boot (without motion sensor)

Video 7: HAMMOND with voice control (fixed clock issue)

Video 8: HAMMOND display refresh rate test (can now display seconds on clock clearly!)

Video 9: HAMMOND motor control working!

Video 10: HAMMOND with integrated motion sensor and calibration countdown on display

Video 11: HAMMOND Alarm Clock demo

Video 12: HAMMOND Eco Mode (energy saving) demo

Video 13: Completed HAMMOND full rundown

Video 14: Completed HAMMOND Voice Control demo

Video 15: Outlet 1/3 construction and voice control demo- with lamp!

Video 16 Enclosure design and lid servo

Video 17: Enclosure servo completed demo

Video 18: Case demo again

Video 19: Adding speakers to the enclosure

Video 20: HAMMOND RaspBMC Media Center

Video 21: Keyless door entry demo

Video 22: Final Morning routine demo

Video 23: Alarm Clock routine demo

Video 24: Keypad Menu System Demo

Video 25: Motion Sensor Greeting Demo


Picture gallery:




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