I think that I’ve mentioned a few times before that I’m a big fan of projects. I wasn’t kidding. Most of these projects are from the past few years, when I suddenly realized that I should document my exploits to share them with the world. I’ve gathered up the pictures, videos and other materials, and made a page for each project.

Check out the subpages!

(this WordPress theme doesn’t let me categorize pages well in the left-hand panel, so I created these “Categorization” pages to bring some order to the site)


  1. Is your project open source?
    I play with Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s and now the Banana Pi for home and RV automation.
    I would like to experiment with the Hammond if possible.



    1. Hi Harry!

      I didn’t seek to make it specifically open source, though I’d be happy to post my Arduino code and the Python programs that I wrote to run for the Raspberry Pi for you. My Arduino code got quite messy- I never got to the “cleanup” stage where I’d make things into separate classes, etc. There’s also some functions for features that I never got around to implementing, like an IR blaster. My Python is pretty good though, I just used Cron to run things automatically/at certain times (like the alarm clock function).


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