Paul Sieradzki.

Professional amateur.



Catch me on any given day and I’m likely reading an informational book, instructional article, technology blog, or juggling a soldering iron and circuit board. I’m a naturally curious, entrepreneurial, and a 3D printing enthusiast. Also an avid reader and eager learner, especially in business and finance, though I enjoy any area that in which I can grow professionally.

I graduated from Fordham University College at Lincoln Center in May 2014, getting a B.S. in Environmental Science. I spent one of those years as an undergraduate student at Columbia University, Fu Foundation School of Engineering studying Engineering Mechanics, the prerequisites for which gave me a strong and exciting background in mathematics.

I vent out my creative side in through exploration of web and graphic design, and have taken up designing logos and websites in my spare time.  I display some of my proudest works on this site, along with several other projects that I’ve done that are more technology-based, like a home automation system based off a single Arduino microcontroller (a project that really took my C++ programming skills to new levels!).

In September 2013 I co-founded a 3D printing service company with a fellow Fordham alum. We enjoy the challenges of starting a business from the ground as well as being in an up-and-coming industry that is still finding its applications in both consumer and professional roles.


I created this WordPress to serve as my nameplate site. I want this site to form the other half of what I wish a resumé would be. Of course, my resumé is on here, along with details of my academic and professional activity, but this is here to let you see what I’m all about in my personal time. Feel free to browse the design work I’ve done or any of my personal projects.

You can also follow me on any of the networking sites I belong to as well, all available on the Contact page.

Feel free to comment, ask questions or contact me about whatever you desire.

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